Friday, November 13, 2009


Gone West Publications is pleased to announce new volumes of genealogical newspaper abstracts for Randolph and Pike counties in Missouri.

Genealogical Abstracts from Pike County, MO Newspapers, Vol. 2, is now finished and available for purchase! Abstracted by Sherry Raleigh-Adams, this volume includes abstracts of items of genealogical merit found in Bowling Green papers from 1883 to 1885. It includes not only obituaries, marriage and birth notices, but also notices of family reunions, visits from relatives long lost to the West or to foreign lands, and many stories of pioneers of the area. It is stapled and soft-bound with archival tape. Fully indexed. 174 Pages. $20.00.

Genealogical Abstracts from Randolph County, MO Newspapers, Vol. 3, is also available for purchase now. This volume features the Huntsville Herald from 1896 to 1898. Fully indexed. 179 Pages. $20.00.

Like all my books, I include a PDF image of the index on my website at You are invited to take advantage of this free tool to see if anyone of interest to you may be included in these books.

These volumes are more than just a powerful genealogical tool. They offer the reader a peek into the social values and cultural aspects relevant to their ancestors' time period. The historical significance of the articles found in these newspapers are a great learning tool for the armchair sociologist and the genealogist who has hit a brick wall. I hope that you or your library patrons will find them useful.

Kind Regards,

Sherry Raleigh-Adams

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