Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Civil War Fathers: Sons of the Civil War in World War II

Edited by Tim Pletkovich
ISBN 978-0-918339-69-0 | Hardcover | 288 pages, 6x9 | Illustrated | Acid Free Paper | Index | $24.95

Civil War Fathers is the amazing story of eight American families whose fathers fought in the Civil War and sons fought in World War II. It evolved from an interview project involving middle school children in Peoria, Illinois, into an amazing book encompassing almost 100 years of American history in two generations.

Based on interviews with the surviving WWII veterans, this absorbing book views the Civil War through the eyes of children listening to their father’s stories, and World War II through the eyes of the same children as grown up participants. It encompasses the broad span of social, cultural, and economic change over nine decades, and presents a rich and vibrant tapestry of often overlooked history.

So how did sons and daughters of Civil War veterans end up in World War II? The answers can be found in the history of America throughout the end of the 19th century and the beginning 20th century, a period of great growth and expansion, and a period where the impact of these changes on American culture is often overlooked. Civil War Fathers offers a rare glimpse into the heart of America during this period; and through the stories of these eight families recreates a very different time in America. A must for all Americana, Civil War, Depression Era and World War II collections.


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