Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Members of the MoSGA Awards Committee are Mark Stauter, Pat Kroeger, and Karen Scott, Chair. Requests for nominations were sent to 205 genealogy / history organizations and 235 libraries.

Eighteen nominations were received. One was eliminated from consideration because the nominee had already received an award in 2004. Another was dropped from consideration because no supporting information was provided for that nominee.

MoSGA’s awards solicitation announcement read as follows: "The Missouri State Genealogical Association (MoSGA) is asking your assistance in recognizing individuals or institutions in your area who have made significant contributions to the field of genealogy / family history or have rendered significant contributions, effort, or service to MoSGA. MoSGA's Awards Committee is seeking recommendations of individuals or institutions to be considered for an award in one of the two following categories:

1. Award of Merit - Presented to an individual, group, organization or institution in recognition of meritorious service or distinguished work in genealogy and/or family history for which no compensation was received (i.e., on a "volunteer" basis).

2. Certificate of Appreciation - Presented to an individual, group, organization or institution expressing thanks officially for compensated (i.e., "paid") duties performed in an exemplary and outstanding manner."

The Awards Committee also chooses an exceptional nominee, if applicable, to receive the Directors' Award - given in recognition of distinguished service over an extended period of time in support of genealogy, for exceptional contributions to the field, and for extra effort to promote good will and improve service.

Awards were presented to the following persons or organizations at the MoSGA Annual Conference Banquet on Friday, 7 August 2009:

Certificate of Appreciation:

Dennis Northcott, Missouri History Museum (with President Darrell Jackson)

Awards of Merit --Northwest:

William W. (Bill) Williams – Morgan County

Sandra (Sandy) Gadberry – Putnam County (did not attend the ceremony)

Awards of Merit --Northeast:

Mary F. Berthold – St. Louis / County

Dave Lossos – St. Louis / County

Awards of Merit --Southwest:

John Nixon – Christian County (did not attend the ceremony)

Staff of Douglas County Museum – Douglas County (did not attend the ceremony)

Awards of Merit --Southeast:

James Mayo – Stoddard County

Shannon County Historical & Genealogical Society

Directors’ Award:

Frances Moore – Stoddard County

Karen Scott, Chairperson

MoSGA Awards Committee

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