Saturday, July 18, 2009


Noticed on the ENG-MANCHESTER mailing list:

“These changes are being proposed so that a 10% reduction in TNA costs can be made by March 2010 to meet operating costs.

Impact on public services at Kew:

* We are proposing to move to five-day opening by closing the reading rooms on Mondays
* We will introduce charges for use of the public car park
* We will remove selected large microfilm and microfiche records series from the reading rooms
* We will streamline copying services with the introduction of a new online request service (we will no longer operate Digital Express and estimating services)
* We will focus advice and expertise where and when it is needed, for example not providing expert staff between 17:00 and 19:00 when there is minimal demand

You can take a closer look at these proposed changes to The National Archives here.

You can provide feedback on the changes here.

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