Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Received from Mary Jo Sisson March:

“I made a very interesting historical discovery. I located and purchased, in the state of Washington, the original voter registration lists for the townships of Clark County, dated 1866. They are in very good condition. They were found in a trunk in an abandoned store. The trunk had belonged to Dr. Carothers of Clark County, who was a very important person in this county during the Civil War period. He is buried at Fairmont, here in Clark County.

We have the 1860 census, and the 1870 census, but nothing in between, so that is why I think these are so important. What I also found interesting, in each township, besides listing the qualified voters, they also listed the rejected voters. In this county following the civil war, a voter was required to sign an Oath stating that he was loyal to the federal government. Of course, there were many men here who had been southern sympathizers and ex-confederate soldiers who refused to sign the Oath. They were probably the ones listed as rejected voters.

I thought about donating the documents to the Missouri Historical Society, but then I thought they should stay in their original county.

So I decided to donate them to the local Sever Library (Kahoka, Missouri). I worked for a long time and very diligently to sort out and index their genealogical material. It was not in very good order. Now they have a complete room for it, and an Index which I put on a disk for them to use. So I am very proud of their genealogy room.

It was so amazing that I found these records on the internet, and I thought you would enjoy hearing about it.”

H.E. Sever Memorial Library:

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