Thursday, July 23, 2009


You may have thought about writing down your life story at some point, but somehow never got around to it. You might think that you’re not a very good writer, or perhaps you think your life story really wouldn’t interest anybody.

If that’s the case, stop and think for a moment. Would you like to have the life stories of your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.-- written by them in their own hands? I’m pretty sure you would-- so what about the people who will be chasing down the facts of your life 50, 75, 100 years from now? Do you want the record of your accomplishments to read simply BORN-MARRIED-DIED?

So what can you do? Write your own story using baby steps. That is, set aside one hour every month from now on to write about a year (or couple of years) of your life in a journal. A hand-written journal would be most meaningful for your descendants, but something written on and printed off from your computer and signed by you would be a lot better than no record at all. A journal illustrated with photos of the persons / places you are discussing would be even better.

Ways to Proceed:

1. Start with your first memories, and work your way forward year by year.
2. Start with this year, and work your way back year by year.
3. Use your first hour-long session to leaf through scrapbooks, and quickly jot down memories that pop into your head. Then flesh out those quick impressions in future hourly sessions.
4. Plan on doing your hour-long writing session on the same day every month (1st, 15th, 30th- whichever number seems lucky / user friendly to you). This should help to make your monthly session a habit.

Need more inspiration? Here’s an article about a woman who’s been keeping a journal for the past 30 years:


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