Thursday, June 11, 2009


The MoSGA Nominating Committee announces that a candidate for the vacant position of Education Director has been identified. The candidate, Carla Anders, was identified after the official MoSGA Ballot was printed and mailed in the Summer issue of the MoSGA newsletter.

Candidate Anders has agreed to have her name entered as a ‘Write In’ candidate on the 2009 MoSGA Ballot. Accordingly, this e-mail notice is being sent to MoSGA members for whom we have e-mail addresses. If you have not already voted, please consider writing in the following candidate for the Education Director Position:

Education Director– Carla Anders, Milo, Iowa. Carla is Vice-President of the Warren County Iowa Genealogical Society (WCGS) in charge of educational programs. She is a speaker for her local society and surrounding societies. Carla also writes a column in the WCGS newsletter about genealogy websites. Carla was born and raised in Missouri. Several of her Missouri ancestors arrived in Missouri prior to statehood.

This message sent by Rob Taylor, MoSGA Membership Chair on behalf of Darrell
Jackson, MoSGA President.

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