Friday, June 19, 2009


Have you got Irish ancestors who settled in (or spent a considerable amount of time in) St. Louis? You do! If you go to Google Books and do the following search, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised:

Irish surnames St. Louis Missouri

Some of the books listed are Full View, meaning the book is there online and full-text for you to enjoy. Limited Preview means a fairly generous sampling of pages is available online for you to make use of. Snippet View means just what you probably think it does-- very little of the book is available online.

Note: It’s probably already occurred to you, but I’ll mention it anyway-- this Google Books search tip also works for other nationalities. For example:

German surnames St. Louis Missouri

French surnames St. Louis Missouri

As you probably also guessed, it also works with other localities. For example:

German surnames Chicago Illinois

Irish surnames Chicago Illinois

Happy hunting!

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