Saturday, June 06, 2009


Remembering Galesburg by Tom Wilson.

Galesburg, Illinois has made quite a name for itself since its first settlers arrived in 1836. It has witnessed the visits of 15 U.S. presidents, listened to jazz virtuoso Louis Armstrong, seen the birth of an elephant, served as home for the man who introduced the dandelion to America, and played host to one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Lifetime Galesburg resident Tom Wilson captures the true spirit of this town in this charming collection of articles from his column, “Tracking History.” Stories about an amazing variety of subjects make Remembering Galesburg a sparkling depiction of this Illinois Town’s personality.

Tom Wilson writes a tri-weekly column for the Galesburg News Register. He served at one time as Galesburg City Treasurer, and is a board member of the Knox County Historic Sites Association.

$19.99 (ISBN 978-1-59629-673-2) paperback, illustrated, 128 pages. History Press, Inc., 2009.

Note to prospective authors: History Press (a real publisher, not a vanity press) is actively seeking books about other Illinois communities. Get more information here in the For Authors section of their website.

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