Friday, June 12, 2009


Learned about these folks yesterday, and wanted to be sure other people knew about them. And, to answer the question at least one of you will ask-- I have no connection of any sort with the company.

"Borderlands Book Store promotes awareness about the history of the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, the Mexican Republic, the United States Borderlands, and the genealogies of Hispanic settlers and colonizers of these areas. Hispanic genealogy is a small but growing market and more and more patrons are seeking materials in public and private libraries-- in particular about persons with ancestors from Northern Mexico."

We periodically offer special listings on our website, in a bi-annual catalog, and in circulars. We also make available rare one-of-a-kind books, special purchases, new books, CDs, and other publications. Books offered in English and Spanish.”

Borderlands Book Store, Inc. P.O. Box 28497 San Antonio, TX 78228
Tel: 210-647-7535 Fax: 210-432-0482

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