Saturday, June 06, 2009


St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly 41:4 (Winter 2008) includes an article entitled “1927 Tornado Deaths.” The article includes a list of the dead reprinted from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (30 September 1927). As an experiment of sorts, however, the author selected three of the tornado victims at random (Susan Hartgraves, Faro Pizzo, and Zena Schneider), and gathered as much information about each person as he could during a two-hour time period. You may be surprised by the amount of information discovered about each of the three individuals in the short time allowed. For instance, Susan Hartgraves and her sister, Elizabeth Williams, were both killed by the tornado (at different locations!). Zena Schneider was a 17-year old orphan who was killed along with four other schoolgirls when part of Central High School collapsed during the twister. Faro Pizzo was a Sicilian immigrant who worked for Union Electric at the time of his death.

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