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USS Henry R. Mallory includes the stories of the survivors of this ship's last and fateful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. These stories give the reader a feeling of how it really was when the balance of power was still waning from one side to the other. This happened during one of the biggest convoy battles of the war. The loss of lives was one of the largest of any ship sinking. Here is one of the untold and largely unknown but heroic stories of the battle of the Atlantic.

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* cahcmcar - Hiram C. Meek Society (CA), CAR
* cargdgs - Roots and Gold Dust (El Dorado, CA) Genealogical Society
* cophoto - Colorado Genealogical Photos
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* njcdvdar - Captain Daniel Vliet Chapter (NJ) DAR
* tnrhea - Rhea County (TN) ALHN
* wamlcdar - Mary Lacy Chapter (WA) DAR
* widoor2 - Door, Kewaunee and Manitowoc County (WI) Irish Immigrants - ALHN


* bracurit - Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
* mexgudar - Guadalajara Chapter (Mexico) DAR

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