Tuesday, May 05, 2009


The State Historical Society of Missouri Needs Your Support

Genealogy in the state of Missouri would be nearly impossible without the great resources of the State Historical Society of Missouri. Yet the state legislature is getting very close to approving a budget that would 1) reduce the annual appropriation to the State Historical Society by $40,000; and 2) remove the $20,000,000 of stimulus money that was originally planned to help with building a much-needed new facility for the society. If you want to support this amazing genealogical resource, please email or phone the following key legislators and ask them to reconsider these cuts:

Alan Icet (Missouri House Budget chair) (573) 751-1247

Gary Nodler (Senate Appropriations chair) (573) 751-2306 (email not known)

Contact needs to be made by Wednesday, May 6, at the latest. Decision time is now!

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