Wednesday, May 06, 2009


2009 has already been a banner year for new books from If you haven't visited our site in a while, read on and see what we mean.

Do you know the difference between a wiki and a wooky? Do you think My Space is just for kids? Have you been on We're Related? Do you know how these and other social networking sites can enhance your genealogy research?

You will find out if you read the ground-breaking new book Social Networking for Genealogists, by online genealogy authority Drew Smith. This book describes how the wide array of social networking services now available online are transforming genealogy by way of blogs, message boards & mailing lists, podcasts, RSS feeds, wikis, genealogy-specific social networks, and much more. Priced at $18.95, Social Networking for Genealogists packs more genealogical punch into its 129 pages than any other book of its size.

•Also new for 2009, The Genealogist's Address Book, 6th ed., by Elizabeth Petty Bentley, gives you access to all the key sources of genealogical information, providing names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, names of contact persons, and other pertinent information for more than 27,000 genealogical and historical repositories in the U.S.

The County Courthouse Book is Mrs. Bentley's companion volume to The Genealogist's Address Book. Now available in a spanking new 3rd edition, it is a concise guide to county courthouses and their records throughout America. In it you will find up-to-date addresses and phone numbers; information about the coverage and availability of key records such as probate, land, naturalization, and vital records; and more.

•At one time or another all of us need copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates. The brand new 5th edition of the International Vital Records Handbook, by Thomas J. Kemp, has the latest application forms and ordering information for all fifty states, as well as other countries of the world.

•Finally, if you are researching Canadian or Irish ancestors, don't overlook the outstanding second volume of Erin's Sons, by Terrence Punch.

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