Thursday, April 30, 2009


Mixed Feelings

Several years ago, on a whim, I drove to the part of the country where I knew my relatives had grown up, married and my parents died. I had exhausted and So, during my trip I stopped at tiny little towns and asked the police department where the marriage and death records would be held. At one small town, the gal at the desk asked me casually if I wanted police records, too. I thought; sure, why not, not believing for a minute that my wonderful, delightful, and pristine family would be found there. Much to my horror, I found reams of records concerning my great grandfather and his brothers and his soon to be wife's brother as well-- all listed on police blotters of 1900 or so!! In one fell swoop I found my great grandfather, an unknown cousin and a future brother-in-law all in jail for public drunkenness. I followed this group and a few more cohorts on the police blotters in two states. I'm sure their mother wasn't proud, but I was delighted!!

Rosie Fuller in Oregon

The Missing Grandpa

Although I approached my dad a number of times about his father, he never shared any information about him with me. Nearly 20 years after my dad's death, I felt a need to find details about my missing grandfather. I contacted my aunt (my dad's oldest sister) and asked about her father. She was only 13 when he apparently left home, but she readily told me what little she knew about him. Her scant information was the spark that kindled my interest in Genealogy, and it still burns today at nearly 80 years of age.

Yes, I found my grandfather, dead of course, but his story was one I knew my aunt would not want widely known. I omitted the unpleasant portion, and told her I knew where he was buried and when he died. She immediately began making plans to visit his grave, but she became ill, and died shortly thereafter. She was in her 90's.

Jack Lamphier in Florida

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