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The three sources described below were added to the Missouri History Museum Genealogy and Local History Index in March:


1. St. Louis Volunteer Fire Department portraits, circa 1850s-1903. Most of these photographs are portraits of veterans of the St. Louis volunteer fire department. The volunteer fire companies disbanded in the late 1850s when a paid fire department was established. The bulk of these photographs appear to have been taken circa 1890s. Most of the photographs include a notation indicating the name of the fire company in which he served. Some of the photographs contain brief biographical notes on back.

2. One Hundredth Anniversary, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 1858-1958 (St. Louis, Mo., 1958). This church history contains group photographs of church groups (such as the Board of Trustees, tellers, and bookkeepers), which include current members (i.e., 1958) and past members. The history also includes portraits of church pastors, usually accompanied by a biographical sketch; portraits of the current teaching staff; brief notes about church members; and a few images of past church buildings.

3. Old and New St. Louis: A Concise History of the Metropolis of the
West and Southwest, with a Review of Its Present Greatness and Immediate
// by James Cox (St. Louis: Central Biographical Pub. Co.,
1894). This book contains biographical sketches of prominent St. Louisans, many of which are accompanied by their portrait. These sketches often include the man’s exact place and date of birth, parents’ names (including the mother’s maiden name), wife’s maiden name, and children’s names. Please note that the index entries refer not only to the name of the man who is profiled, but also the names of those within each biographical sketch (i.e., wife’s name, children's names, parents’ names, names of business associates).

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