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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


In January, the following three sources were indexed and added to the Missouri History Museum Genealogy and Local History Index:


1. Memorial book of the Concord Farmers Club, 1877-1958 (photocopy).

The Concord Farmers Club was located in south St. Louis County. This three-volume memorial book contains handwritten memorial sketches of members of the club who died between 1877 and 1958. The memorial sketches usually include the member’s date and place of birth, date of death, place of burial, and other biographical notes. Parents’ names and wife’s name (if married) are often included. Please note that the index entries refer not only to the name of the deceased member, but also the
names of those within each memorial sketch (i.e., wife's name, children's names, parents’ names, name of business partner). If an index entry refers to a memorial sketch of a club member, the REMARKS field contains the phrase ‘memorial sketch of’; if an index entry refers to an individual mentioned in a memorial sketch, the REMARKS field contains the phrase ‘mentioned in a memorial sketch.’

2. Fest-Schrift zur Goldenen Jubilaeums-Feier des Schweizer Maenner-Chor, 1872-1922 (St. Louis, Mo.: Schweizer Maenner-Chor, 1922).

This publication contains two group photographs of committee members and several business advertisements.

3. Who’s Who in the Central States: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Men and Women of the Central States (Chicago: Larkin, Roosevelt & Larkin, 1947).

This book contains brief biographical sketches that usually contain the individual’s name; occupation; date and place of birth; parents’ names; spouse’s name; children’s names; educational degrees earned; notes on professional career; club and association memberships; religious and political affiliation; business address; and home address. Please note that the index entries refer not only to the name of the individual who is profiled, but also the names of those within each biographical sketch (i.e., spouse's name, children's names, parents’ names). If an index entry refers to a biographical sketch, the REMARKS field contains the phrase ‘biographical sketch of’; if an index entry refers to an individual mentioned in a biographical sketch, the REMARKS field contains the phrase ‘mentioned in a biographical sketch.’ The ADDRESS field in this index refers to the individual’s residential address. This book has been selectively indexed, including only those sketches in which the individual was born in St. Louis City or County, or resided in St. Louis City or County at the time of the book’s publication (1947).

The following are some of the sources we are currently indexing that will be added to the online Genealogy and Local History Index as they're completed:

1. St. Louis Pageant and Masque registration cards.

In 1914, more than 2,000 individuals filled out these cards titled "Sons and Daughters of St. Louis: A Roll of St. Louisans for the Historical Records of the Pageant." The cards include the individual's name, birth date, place of birth, present address, present occupation, and parents' names and place of birth.

2. The Guardian (yearbook of the Homer G. Phillips School of Nursing),

Contains photographs of African American nursing students.

3. Echo (Webster Groves High School yearbook), 1931 and 1932.

Contains photographs of students and faculty.

4. St. Louis County justice of the peace marriage registers (two
volumes), 1839-1853 and 1867-1874

5. Membership cards of the Aubuchon-Dennison Post of the American Legion.

Cards of veterans from World War I through the Persian Gulf War. Cards usually contain the applicant’s name, serial number, residential address, date and place of entry into service, date and place of honorable discharge, branch and unit of service, applicant’s signature, occupation, various grades held during World War, birthplace and birth date, name and address of nearest relative, and relationship of this person to the applicant.

6. Overseas with an Aero Squadron, by Clarence F. Piesbergen.

Contains brief and often humorous notes regarding members of the 86th Aero Squadron during World War I. Includes photographs of some squadron members.

7. Weekly reports of the mortality among the soldiers in the military hospitals and camps of St. Louis, circa 1862-1865 (published in the Missouri Republican newspaper).

Entries in these reports usually include the soldier's name, company, regiment, cause of death, and date of death. Also includes prisoners.

8. The Echo (St. John the Baptist High School student newspaper),
1941-1951 (incomplete run).

Includes articles about students at the high school. Includes some photographs of students.

Dennis Northcott

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