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Happy New Year!

The December 2008 Tri-County Genealogy Newsletter has been posted on our website at

Ray Lukenbill shares the following information about genealogy books that are being scanned and put on the Internet in BYU's "Family History Archive." The Brigham Young University website search page is:

This is a cooperative project in which several major libraries including the Midwest Genealogy Center (Mid-Continent Public Library), Allen County Public Library, and others are participating to make resources available on the internet without charge. You can search the collection by surname, author, or title; you can also browse the collection. Many new items are being added each week. Information on the website says: The Family History Archive is a collection of published genealogy and family history books. The archive includes histories of families, county and local histories, how-to books on genealogy, genealogy magazines and periodicals (including some international), medieval books (including histories and pedigrees), and gazetteers. It also includes some specialized collections such as the Filipino card collection and the “Liahona Elders Journal.” The books come from the collections of the FamilySearch Family History Library, the Allen County Public Library, the Houston Public Library – Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research, the Mid-Continent Public Library – Midwest Genealogy Center, the BYU Harold B. Lee Library, the BYU Hawaii Joseph F. Smith Library, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church History Library.

We hope you will find something about the family members you are researching in some of these digitized publications!

Along that same line, the Missouri Digital Heritage Collections are at:

If you are researching Missouri ancestors, this will be a valuable resource for you.

We are presently working on layout for the new Vernon County Cemetery Directory... the new directory will have thousands of burials which were not previously published. Thank you for your patience regarding this multi-year process and to those who helped survey gravestones and input data.

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