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Mark your calendars for the 2009 Owsley Family Historical Society Annual Meeting, June 11-13, Louisville, Kentucky

Details at our revised website.

Save the date, make plans, and tell your relatives we'll gather in Louisville in June for three days of Owsley/Ousley/Housley family sharing, history, and fun. We'll begin with the traditional Thursday evening dessert social--bring photos, new genealogical finds, and tall tales. Our outings include a very special visit to the Frazier International History Museum founded by Owsley Brown Frazier, Louisville philanthropist and former Vice-Chairman of the Brown-Forman Corporation. The Museum brings together two collections--the founder's priceless collection of historical objects--from the family Bible of Daniel Boone to the "big stick" of President Theodore Roosevelt AND displays and artifacts from Britain's Royal Armouries (including the Tower of London). The scope of the museum is from the Battle of
Hastings in 1066 (in which our ancestors took part) through Teddy Roosevelt's Presidency and his subsequent African safari--set in over 100,000 square feet of a restored historical building.

We'll also visit a gem for genealogical research, the Filson Historical Society's Library. The extensive collection focuses on Kentucky, the Upper South, and the Ohio Valley (gateway to westward expansion). Holdings reflect origin and destination states for the migrants: Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and
Missouri. The Library has over 3,500 family histories, nearly 4,000 Kentucky genealogy files, 840 newspapers, much original sheet music, and a Civil War collection. Open days: Monday through Friday and first Saturday.

An optional riverboat dinner cruise on the Ohio River is planned for Friday evening. Service is buffet style and there's an open bar. And we should be on the river for sunset.

As always, we end the annual meeting with our Saturday evening banquet. Come early, stay late--there's so much to do and see in Louisville. Sights include the Speed Art Museum, Kentucky Derby Museum, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Farmington Historic House Museum, and Locust Grove (last home of General George Rogers Clark
circa 1790-- and stopping point for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their return from the Pacific).

Marion Baumgarten

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