Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The South Central Missouri Genealogical Society Newsletter 28 (April-June 2008) has an article about the explosion that leveled the Bond Dance Hall in West Plains, Missouri on 13 April 1928. 37 died and 22 were injured by the explosion, the cause of which is undetermined to this day. Some people thought it was an accident: the dance hall was located above the Wiser Motor Company, where gasoline was stored. There was also some speculation that the explosion was deliberately caused by someone opposed to dancing. The dead ranged in age from 17 to 68.

This newsletter also includes an article titled Early Newspapers of West Plains, Missouri. The article notes that the plant of the West Plains Journal was destroyed by fire in 1907. While the owner, J. A. Truex, was insured and thus able to rebuild, the article notes that files were lost in the fire that “would have been a complete and accurate history of the county’s progress for 55 years, and their value cannot be estimated.”

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