Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Tamura Jones recently posted some best genealogy blog awards. Congrats to Randy Seaver on his well-deserved Best Daily Genealogy Blog win for Genea-Musings. I’m thrilled to see that MoSGA Messenger won Best Genealogy Society Blog. While it’s certainly true that MoSGA Messenger is an official society blog, and also true that I have been sent ideas for possible posts by a number of MoSGA members, especially Journal Editor Bob Doerr, I in fact wrote the vast majority of posts appearing on the blog, and have done all the actual posting (1,628 at last count). So maybe knowing that somebody else is posting on close to a daily basis will help keep Randy posting at this year’s furious level in 2009…

Tom Pearson

The genealogy blogs recognized by Tamura include:

* Best Genealogy Society Blog: MoSGA Messenger
* Best Daily Genealogy Blog: Genea-Musings
* Deepest Genealogy Development blog: Louis Kessler's Behold Blog
* Best Commercial Genealogy Blog: The RootsMagic blog
* Best Genealogy Software News Blog: Geneanet Genealogy Blog
* Best Genetic Genealogy Blog: The Genetic Genealogist
* Best Genealogy on MacOS Blog: MacGenealogist
* Best Ancestry.com Blog: 24-7 Family History Circle
* Funniest Genealogy Blog: The Genealogue

To read Tamura’s entire post, go here:


Randy Seaver's comments on the awards are here:


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