Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If you’re a descendant of ancestors from The Auld Sod, you’ll want to take a look at IrishTimes.com:


And speaking of the Auld Sod, if you’ve ever wished that you owned property in Ireland, here’s your chance to (sort of) make that dream come true. You can now buy a package of Irish dirt from-- of course-- The Official Irish Dirt Company:


The proprietors note that you can grow plants like shamrocks in your Official Irish Dirt, or you can toss your Official Irish Dirt on the grave of a loved one who would-- all things considered-- rather be in Dublin!

Note: If any readers of this blog are not based in Missouri, and have been pining for a (high-priced) bag of Official Show-Me State Soil, just let me know-- there’s dirt to spare in my St. Louis back yard…

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