Friday, November 28, 2008


Dear SCGS Members and Genealogy Community,

This is the last letter that will be written on behalf of the Sangamon County (IL) Genealogical Society (SCGS). We have been in existence for forty years as of October 2008. However, due to declines in membership and publication sales, and lack of attendance at meetings, the board has decided to close up shop as of December 31, 2008.

Our final project will be the completion of the Cemetery Names and Locations Book. We will be conducting a pre-publication sale to determine the amount to be printed. People can contact the society at:

PO Box 1829, Springfield,
Illinois 62705-1829

or email us at

All of our publications will be sold at half price, through December 15, 2008, after which time the Decatur Genealogical Society will be selling the remaining publications, and reprinting when deemed appropriate.

The research materials in the society’s headquarters have been divided among the various libraries in Sangamon County. We have contacted the Sangamon Valley Collection to determine their preferences on materials they would like to add to their collection from our office library. The Auburn Public Library is now the home of the surname and obituary files which we have been collecting and organizing for the past several years. The Decatur Genealogical Society has agreed to take over ownership of our copyrighted materials starting December 15, 2008. Permission to publish any part of these publications online MUST be obtained through the Decatur Genealogical Society, on and after the date mentioned above. The proceeds remaining after expenses have been paid, from sales of our publications which are now half price, will be given to the Sangamon Valley Collection after all expenses owed by the society have been paid.

This has been an interesting and educational experience for everyone who has been a member of the society. The board wishes to thank everyone who has helped in any fashion in the past as well as those who are currently working on projects. We hope everyone will continue to add to their family histories, donating them to local libraries for future generations to view. If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact Dan Dixon.


President Dan Dixon and the SCGS Board

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