Thursday, October 23, 2008

THE RECORD INTERPRETER is currently selling this item for $31.50- a great birthday / Christmas present for someone who frequently works with early English genealogical / historical records:

The Record Interpreter: a Collection of Abbreviations, Latin Words and Names Used in English Historical Manuscripts and Records. Second Edition

by Charles Trice Martin

Prior to the 19th century, many British and European records contain texts written in Latin or sprinkled with Latin or French abbreviations. Mr. Martin, one-time assistant keeper of public records in London, designed this book to answer the questions that can plague researchers when they run across Latin and French abbreviations in English historical manuscripts. Armed with this easy-to-follow guidebook, researchers will be able to understand most texts with little more than an ordinary dictionary. Mr. Martin's coverage includes: (1) abbreviations of Latin words used in English records; (2) abbreviations of French words used in English records; (3) a glossary of Latin words found in records and other English manuscripts; (4) Latin names and places in Great Britain and Ireland; (5) Latin names of bishoprics in England; (6) Latin names of bishoprics in Scotland; (7) Latin names of bishoprics in Ireland; (8) Latin forms of English surnames; and (9) Latin given names with their English equivalents.


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