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If you had an ancestor at Saratoga (American colonist, British soldier, or Loyalist volunteer), you may be interested in this recently published book (and note the free PDF sample they are offering):

A Military History of the Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution
John Luzander

The months-long 1777 Saratoga campaign was one of the most decisive of the entire Revolutionary War. The crushing British defeat prompted France to recognize the American colonies as an independent nation, declare war on England, and commit money, ships, arms, and men to the rebellion. John Luzader's impressive Saratoga: A Military History of the Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution is the first all-encompassing objective account of these pivotal months in American history.


Foreword by Eric H. Schnitzer

Dramatis Personae

Chapter 1: British Plans for 1777: Fight the War “From the Side of Canada”

Chapter 2: Invasion from Canada

Chapter 3: Fort Ticonderoga and the Battle of Hubbardton

Chapter 4: Skenesborough, Forts Anne and Edward, and Beyond

Chapter 5: The Bennington Raid

Chapter 6: To Control the Mohawk: The Battle of Oriskany and Siege of Fort Stanwix

Chapter 7: The Northern Command: Personalities and Politics

Chapter 8: The New Commander Rebuilds

Chapter 9: Prelude to Bemis Heights and “the Airy Scheme”

Chapter 10: Freeman’s Farm

Chapter 11: Between Battles: Fortifying and Squabbling

Chapter 12: The Seventh of October

Chapter 13: Retreat, Pursuit, and the Siege of Saratoga

Chapter 14: The Convention of Saratoga

Epilogue: Saratoga’s Fruit: The Strategic Revolution

Appendices A - K (including photographic tour)




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List Price $34.95 , SPECIAL PRICE $27.95; 504 pages, maps, Hardback
Savas Beatie Publisher

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