Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm betting you will want to know more about this new book:

Are You Harnessing the Power of Google?

Unlock the Hidden Power of Google for Genealogy & Family History Research

With more than 60% of Internet searches being performed using Google, there is no doubt it has become an important tool for the majority of family historians worldwide — hobbiest or professional. Given that more than 20 billion pages are included in Google's index of the Web, it is likely that some of these pages contain the clues about your ancestors that you have been searching for — text, images or video! The challenge, of course, is finding them.

Simple Commands — Powerful Results

Dozens of commands and specialized syntax are available through Google that can dramatically improve your search skills. In fact, it seems that many of these have been specifically built to help with our pursuit of our family heritage. The great news for you is that most of these commands are easy to learn and master and perfectly suited for finding people, places, and events. A special command even lets you narrow results by date range to filter results more quickly.

Leverage Free Resources

Did you realize the most powerful tool for your genealogy research is completely free? Google is available in more than 160 countries and is free to use — for genealogy or anything else you may be trying to find! Use Google to your full advantage.

• Find published works containing information on your ancestors
• Uncover intriguing family photographs and possibly video
• Search historic newspaper archives for long-forgotten details
• Visit your ancestral home towns as often as you like

Google Your Family Tree

The book is a 352-page softcover and measures 8.25 inches wide by 10 inches tall. The pages are written in a friendly, informative, and non-technical way — but still convey the depth of power contained within each major part of the Google service. Each concept is illustrated with large, easy-to-view images showing exactly how to execute the command being discussed and what results you will achieve. If you have ever used Google or any Internet search engine and experienced frustration with millions of listings resulting from your query, you are about to discover a true breakthrough!

Only a long-time genealogist and technology expert could have acomplished what author Dan Lynch did within this text. He disects more than one hundred powerful commands and features of Google, but maintains a focus on how they can be used specifically to conduct family history research. Special tips for finding people, places, and even filters for searching through different time periods. This book has it all.

The book will begin shipping on October 20, 2008 and is $34.95 (USD). Orders will be fulfilled on a first-ordered, first-shipped basis.


NOTE: At present, this book only seems to be available direct from the publisher- can’t find it on today (10-12-2008).


Anonymous said...

There are some very neat genealogy search templates on the book website at

They are taking reservations now and I'm sure we'll be able to order directly off this site.

Dan Lynch said...

Orders are now being accepted online at one of the publishers web sites: