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Since 1981, the Missouri State Genealogical Association has published a quarterly Journal filled with information regarding Missouri genealogy. Each of the 106 issues is about 65 pages of family histories, newspaper extractions, obituaries, vital statistics, cemetery studies, data from Missouri court, land, and census records, etc.

The MoSGA Board is currently studying the feasibility of uploading a digital copy of each quarterly issue published 1981-2000 to our website in order to make this important body of Missouri genealogical information available to the world.

The MoSGA Board has been investigating the technical challenges associated with this project. We can create an exact copy and upload it onto our website as a computer file in “pdf format.” Each quarterly issue file could then be read by using Adobe Reader and would be fully searchable using the reader’s search capability. We have uploaded the first issue. Volume I, Winter 1981, Number 1 (I:1):

The following articles are included in this PDF file:

Articles of Incorporation 1
Certificate of Incorporation 5
By-Laws of the Missouri State Genealogical Association 6
Clay County, Missouri, Registry of Free Negroes 1836-1856 12
Auburn Cemetery, Lincoln County, Missouri 13
Brown Family Cemetery, Saline County, Missouri 20
Tax List of 1820, Franklin County, Missouri Territory 21
Cochran Cemetery, Lincoln County, Missouri 26
Mortality Census of Camden County, Missouri, 1870 27
Gregory Family Bible, Cole County, Missouri 28
Union Monthly Meeting of Friends Membership Roll 29
Taney County News, Taney County, Missouri (Feb 17 - Nov 24, 1887) 36
U.S. Census of Ripley County, Missouri - 1880 43
Family Bible of William B. Lloyd, Putnam County, Missouri 48

We are still working on a system that would make ALL issues searchable in a single search effort. If you do not have an “Adobe Reader” program, it can be downloaded free of charge at

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The MoSGA Board is actively soliciting the support of all the authors that have so generously contributed to the Journal over its long period of publication.

The Board recognizes that there may be authors who would prefer not to have their contributions uploaded onto the Association’s website. After much discussion, the Board has agreed to honor all such preference by deleting the identified articles from the scanning process.

If there are any contributors to the Journal during this 27-year period who would prefer not to have their material included in this database, please contact us by email at or by writing us at MoSGA, PO Box 833, Columbia, Missouri 65205-0833. The preferences may relate to specified articles or the author’s entire body of work submitted for publication in the Journal. MoSGA will make every effort to honor these preferences

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