Monday, August 11, 2008


I am hoping you will be able to assist me in my effort. I have a dear, dear friend in Alaska by the name of Patricia Nolan. Her address is 4810 Malibu Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99517-3274. She is a descendent of George and Julia Ann (Herndon) Fenwick family of Cooper/Saline Co., Mo and James Patrick and Elizabeth (Pilson) Murphy family of Lincoln Co., Mo.

She developed breast cancer about 3 years ago and underwent surgery and radiation therapy. About 6 months ago she developed excruciating pain in her back and was ultimately diagnosed with bone cancer secondary to the breast cancer. After 160 radiation treatments it has progressed to her lungs and soon liver. The prognosis is not good-- 2-4 months if we are lucky.

Her biggest worry is not death, but finishing her genealogy for her two children and her two brothers and sister. We are all typing our fingers off, photoshopping pictures, cropping, and scrapbooking to help see her work completed.

If any of your members are Fenwicks/Murphys, or are related to the Fenwick or Murphy families, I would like them to drop her a line. Introduce yourself, tell her how you might be connected, and generally give her something to look forward to. I am hoping these letters will help keep her spirits up and add some desperately needed quality to her life.

If you can put the word out, I would sincerely appreciate your effort.

Margaret Gauntt

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