Friday, July 25, 2008


It boggles my mind that some people are still clueless about the coming transition from analog to digital TV, since the St. Louis TV channel whose news shows we normally watch seems to run a story about it EVERY BLESSED DAY. But just in case you have not watched TV since January 2008, here is a link to several great Kim Komando columns on the DTV transition:


NOTE: Several of my Luddite “over the air” friends have grumbled to me about why the transition is happening, since “the picture I get now is good enough.” To put it bluntly, folks, digital picture and sound is WAY better than analog picture and sound, and HDTV (set up properly) is WAY better than mere DTV.

NOTE NO. 2: I PROMISE not to run ANY more postings about the DTV transition. If you don’t have cable or a satellite dish, and bought your TV during the Truman administration, get yourself a converter box or, better yet, get yourself an LCD TV! There-- enough about DTV already!

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