Thursday, July 31, 2008


I thought this press release received from Genealogical Publishing Company may interest Missouri ancestor researchers with Virginia roots:


One of our most popular contributions to a fuller understanding of the "small world of the 17th-century" is the directory, JAMESTOWNE ANCESTORS 1607-1699, by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, a list of approximately 1,200 persons who are known to have landed or resided there between 1607 and 1699.

Mrs. Davis was particularly well qualified to compile a reliable list of 17th-century Jamestown inhabitants. She was the author of the book, "Tidewater Virginia Families," a compilation of the genealogy and social history of some 40 early Virginia families, and its sequel, "Tidewater Virginia Families: Generations Beyond." In an effort to preserve early Virginia records, Mrs. Davis edited and published the periodical, "Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy," for 12 years. More recently she transcribed "The Albemarle Parish Vestry Book of Surry and Sussex Counties, 1742-1786," the final Virginia parish vestry book to be made accessible to researchers. Mrs. Davis was a member of the Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters, Order of First Families of Virginia, The Jamestowne Society, and The James Cittie Company.

JAMESTOWNE ANCESTORS honors the island's early settlers and their contributions to Virginia and the future nation. The volume lists all inhabitants of Jamestown Island--both year-round residents and members of the House of Burgesses or other government officials-- who dwelled at Jamestown between 1607 and 1699. Mrs. Davis identifies each individual by name, occupation (burgess, landowner, artisan, etc.), year(s) present in Jamestown, and, in the case of officials, a place of permanent residence. Mrs. Davis includes only those colonists whose presence at Jamestown has been fully documented. Her list can be used as a starting point for achieving membership in a number of hereditary societies that accept descent from Jamestown as a qualification. (A list of 16 such organizations is included in the book.)

Replete with facsimiles of early maps and diagrams and drawing upon recent archaeological research, JAMESTOWNE ANCESTORS 1607-1699 is a comprehensive list of our oldest ancestors. For more information about this book or its author, go here:


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