Monday, July 21, 2008


It’s a question Nicholas Carr asks in a thoughtful article in The Atlantic. What’s he’s really asking, though, is this:

“Does frequent, long-term use of the Internet change the way that users read, and even the way that they think?”

Think for a moment, and ask yourself if your reading habits have changed since you started using the Internet on a frequent basis. Do you read as much as you used to? Do you read as much fiction as you used to? Do you actually even READ, or do you find that you are skimming items rather than reading entire books or articles? Read Carr’s entire article, and then make up your mind (and please, no skimming of his article allowed!).


Note: Let’s suppose your answer is, “Yes, using the Internet frequently has changed the way that I read and think.” Question No. 2 then must be this: “Has your life situation improved or worsened in any noticeable way due to this change?”

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