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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Need a desktop, laptop, monitor, other computer hardware or software, or a PowerPoint projector? You may want to the check the prices of before you buy:


For example, $15.99 for a 4 GB flash drive…

NOTE: If you click on More Info for a desktop or laptop PC, you get a long page of performance specs, included items, warranty info, plus photos of the PC that clearly show you where various rear / side connecting cables / wires / plug-ins go. If you've ever struggled to connect a new PC / reconnect an older PC, you'll love this feature of their website...

1 comment:

Sharlotte said...

Tiger Direct is a direct online retailer of computers and electronics. It is not that that the company offers low quality products. The complaints I found on are more about the customer service, including the delivery services. Either you can not get your electronic appliance fixed if it is on a warranty or you do not get the product at all. None of these is cool.