Saturday, June 21, 2008


Received from Carolyn Paul Branch, MoSGA Webmaster:

After 25 years of working on my father's ancestry with little success, I've decided to start a research blog to bring all the pieces together in one place. The blog is called Paul Family Research.

Here is a bit from the "About" page:

This blog is an attempt to bring together all I can find about the Paul family. Many of the entries will be documents and old books scanned and converted "on the fly'. My OCR software isn't perfect - there will be typos. I hope I will be able to make sense of the scattered information I have found by putting it all in one place where it can be compared. Possibly I will make connections between families and be able to settle the question of my father's ancestry.

My father, James Gillham Paul, always believed his family came from Scotland. So I will be concentrating on Pauls in the United States and Scotland. So far I have traced the route of the family from Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, to West Virginia. No proof of Scottish ancestry as yet. So there will be German and English Pauls in these pages, as well. I'm looking for ANY PAUL FAMILY - anywhere I find them.

Paul Family Research Blog

Carolyn Branch
Callaway County Public Library
710 Court Street
Fulton, MO 65251

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