Saturday, June 28, 2008


Missouri residents who meet the following eligibility requirements can request a free Vietnam War Medallion from the Missouri Veterans Commission:

1. Must have been on active duty sometime during the period 28 Feb 1961-7 May 1975; award can be made whether duty station was foreign or domestic.
2. Must have received an honorable discharge; or have been in the service at the time of his or her death; or still be in the armed forces.
3. Must have been a resident of Missouri at time of enlistment or discharge; or have been a Missouri resident on 28 August 2006; or have been a Missouri resident at the time of his or her death.
4. Spouse or eldest living survivor is eligible to receive a medallion based on the service of a deceased veteran.

There are also medallions for service during WWII and the Korean War. For more information, visit the Missouri State Veterans Commission website and click “Veteran Awards”.

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