Monday, June 09, 2008


The Missouri First Families Program is off and running, according to Program Chair Mary Celeste. There are currently 138 names in the database-- 78 pre-1908; 7 territorial; and 42 pioneers. There are only seven Civil War soldiers registered as yet, but Mary expects that to pick up as more people become aware of the program. Requirements for receiving certificates are as follows:

The three Certificate Programs:

* Territorial
(ancestor in Missouri on or before 10 August 1821)

* Pioneer
(ancestor in Missouri between & including 11 August 1821 – 31 December 1861)

* Civil War Service
(ancestor served in a Missouri military unit during the Civil War; was enlisted in any other military unit; but saw service IN Missouri during the Civil War; Civil War veteran of any military unit but died or is buried in Missouri)

Interested? You can get more info and applications here. Just click on "First Families."

NOTE: Missouri First Families certificates make great Christmas gifts for the genealogists on your list, and there's plenty of time to complete applications and receive certificates if you get started now!

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