Saturday, June 28, 2008


If you need to print lists of folders / files, this free download can help you do it in every way imaginable. Free, as I've said, although program author gratefully accepts donations. Program description says file is for people running Windows XP.


NOTE: I STRONGLY urge you to get in the habit of right-clicking any program you download before left-clicking it-- you can then scan with your security software prior to opening, and delete if necessary! The best advice with all downloaded files-- TRUST NO ONE! Always right-click first, then open!

I also STRONGLY urge you to back up regularly! While daily is best if you’re frequently adding to files on your machine, do it AT LEAST once per week. Buy a jump drive, and back up on that- it's small enough to carry to work with you, so that if flood, fire, tornado, or meteor strike engulfs your house, you haven't lost everything! Also, if you don’t have a System Restore disk or haven’t yet made a set of Recovery disks (depending on your OS), do it NOW! Read your OS manual or check HELP on your computer to figure out what you’re supposed to do, and DO IT!

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