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Dear Dave Lossos,

I have "thanked my lucky stars" many times that I have access to the Catholic Church records at the St. Louis County Headquarters on Lindbergh.

I wanted to share an experience I had a few years ago in the hopes that it might
help someone else searching for an orphan.

I was researching an orphan girl raised at St. Ann's Asylum and St. Mary's Orphanage in the 1912-1926 time frame. I made three appointments with Catholic Children's Service before I was seen. I was told the records were destroyed in the 1970's. I was given copies of "non identifying information" that we already knew. Very disappointing and the cost was $40.00. I did come prepared with the orphan's marriage and death certificate.

After many false starts, I decided to take a look at the LDS Library catalog. Imagine my surprise to find that there were four microfilms of records of babies, children, and mothers from Catholic orphanages in St. Louis. I rented them and found my orphan's admittance into St. Ann's as a three year old and her transfer to St. Mary's Orphanage after reaching the age of six. Eventually I was able to find her birth family in far eastern Illinois.

I was so elated to find those records that I copied almost 800 pages, alphabetized them, and have used them to help others find their orphan records. With the MO State Archives online, I have been able to link death certificates to children and mothers. Connecting 28 orphans with families has made the work very satisfying.

I am very grateful to LDS for making it possible for me to do these searches by microfilming these Archdiocesan records.

Kathy Wieland of

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Anonymous said...

Wow! After years of being told "there are no records for St. Anne's" I've discovered the ole adage "never give up" applies here! I am off to see if my grandmother who the family insists was given to St. Anne's between 1898-1902 was ever there. Thanks for the lead. D.B. Gray

Loren Rohan said...

My dad went to st Ann. Around same time as your family member. Years ago I was told records where destroyed as well. I would love to find our missing link. "Never give up" I will not and am hoping your info can help me move forward. Can visit any library?

A good man is President said...

Possibly you know what happened to. Richard, Bill, Clay and Colleen schoenberger? They were abandoned there in approx. 1951. Contact me at.