Thursday, May 29, 2008



S407 DNA Testing: the Very, Very Basics (Tom Shawker, MD, speaker)

S417 The Nuts and Bolts of Using DNA (Buford Suffridge, Jr., speaker)

S425 DNA Testing for Genealogy: a Surname Project and Results(Robert McLaren, speaker)

Sessions Synopsis: All three speakers were very knowledgeable about their topics, especially Dr. Shawker and Robert McLaren. Dr. Suffridge is a charming country gentleman whose basics presentation was very well received. Dr. Shawker is an MD who really knows his stuff. Robert McLaren is a larger-than-life figure with a Santa Claus beard who dresses in a kilt (he’s head of Clan MacLaren and the MacLaren DNA Project). He’s very knowledgeable about DNA and genetic testing.

Contact info for Thomas Shawker, MD.

Bio sketch of Buford Suffridge, DDS.

Contact info for Robert McLaren.

S427 NGS/GenTech Luncheon: New Partnerships in the Genealogy Community (Dick Eastman, speaker)

Session Synopsis: Theme of this talk was simple: genealogical societies should be attempting to form partnerships in order to accomplish things that they simply can’t do without the help of other organizations / business firms. Many of the major players in the genealogy industry have already started forming partnerships with other players (NARA,,, FamilySearch to name a few). It’s important to form relationships that benefit both partners, so potential relationships need to be carefully considered before contracts are signed, etc.

Contact info for Dick Eastman.

Further information about the NGS Conference and Conference speakers/exhibitors is available on the NGS Conference Blog.

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