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Friday (continued)

F304 The National Archives: Washington, DC and the Regional Branches (Kenneth Heger and Diana Duff, speakers)

Session Synopsis: This was sort of a dream session. Speakers included Kenneth Heger from Archives I in Washington, DC, and Diana Duff from NARA-Central Plains Region. It was wonderful to have these two persons with so much knowledge of Archives I and the NARA-Central Plains Region Branch available to talk about holdings and answer audience questions about these institutions.

Diana Duff and Kenneth Heger were knowledgeable, polished speakers who know their stuff and work well with a crowd.

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F314 National Cemeteries (Kimberlee Reid, speaker)

Session Synopsis: Interesting talk by a talented speaker. This talk pointed out to me the possibility of breaking up a talk I currently do on finding soldier and veteran death and burial info into several different talks (National Cemeteries; American Battle Monuments Commission; State Veterans Cemeteries; The Army Quartermaster Graves Registration Department; etc).

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F324 Your Ancestor's World Revealed: Using 19th Century Newspapers (John Philip Colletta, speaker)

Session Synopsis: Great talk to a huge crowd. Dr. Colletta's example will be a great help when a colleague and I do a talk on this very subject for St. Louis Genealogical Society in July 2008.

Dr. Colletta is a nationally known speaker with a well-deserved reputation for warmth, wit, and a great sense of humor. If you can afford him for your workshop/conference, get him!

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F330 APG Luncheon: Shifting Trends and Technologies Create Shifting Professions (David Rencher, speaker)

Session notes: Very good, accomplished speaker. The focus here was on what professional genealogists should be doing to keep up-to-date and employable. To sum up: get digital!

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F346 Till Death Do Us Part: Health Information in Federal Records (Connie Potter, William Seibert, and Kenneth Heger, speakers)

Session Synopsis: Great talk on health information (usually but not always death information) in federal records. Wonderful to have all three NARA authorities in the same room.

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