Saturday, May 24, 2008


THURSDAY (continued)

T230 FamilySearch Luncheon: Digital Technology- Key to the Future (Wayne J. Metcalfe, speaker)

Session Synopsis: The speaker is connected with, the umbrella organization of the Mormon Church that deals with genealogical records. The Mormons are currently emphasizing not ownership of genealogical records, but rather providing free access to genealogical records. Providing that free access will increasingly involve partnerships with archives, churches, libraries, and commercial firms. Access will increasingly involve access to a digital version of the records in question, not a microfilm version, although a preservation copy of microfilmed records will be kept in secure storage. The microfilm the Mormons are currently using for preservation is rated to last 400 years. The Mormons estimate that there are 10 billion records of genealogical importance out there in the zeitgeist- they have already filmed / digitized nearly 3 billion. They estimate that everything in their Granite Mountain Records Vault in Salt Lake City will be digitized / filmed in 5-10 years. Mr. Metcalfe also noted that the Mormons are still in talks with the Catholic Church about filming / digitizing parish records, so those discussions are not over as has been previously reported.

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T238 Alien Registration Records (Julie Miller, speaker)

Session Synopsis: I currently do a talk on foreign-born ancestors (Aliens Among Us), although this talk showed me that I could also be doing talks on more specific subjects like Alien Registrations, Naturalizations of WWI Soldiers, Naturalizations of Women and Children, Border Crossing Records, etc.

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T243 Records of Military Posts (Craig R. Scott, speaker)

Session Synopsis: This talk will prove very useful to me. I had known relatively little about this subject: I am now planning to put together a talk on Researching Camps, Forts, and Air and Naval Bases.

I have heard Mr. Scott speak previously (at a MoSGA Annual Conference). He is very knowledgeable, and has a very good speaking voice. He can speak on a wide variety of military (and other) topics. He is also a genealogy publisher (Heritage Books).

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