Friday, May 30, 2008


New Missouri Train Wrecks, Tornadoes and other disaster articles have been added at:


For example:

Brookfield, MO Train Wreck, Dec 1902
East St Louis, MO Barber Shop and Grain Elevator Fire, Mar 1884
Gilmore, MO Storm And Train Wreck Jul 1915
Joplin, MO Train Crashes Into Motor Car, Aug 1914
Kansas City, MO Plane Crash Kills 20 Veterans, Sep 1945
Kansas City, MO Plane Crashes On Landing, Jan 1963
Lancaster, MO Farmer Killed in House Fire, Apr 1921
Missouri City, MO Train Plunges Through Trestle, June 1897
Moberly, MO Bridge Collapse Over Grand River, July 1884
Newtown, MO Tornado Ravages Small Town, Apr 1899
Robertson, MO Plane Crashes On Landing, Jan 1941
Spanish Lake, MO Train Wreck, Apr 1908
St. Louis, MO Airliner Crashes On Landing, July 1973
St. Louis, MO Flood Aug 1915
Worth, MO Tornados Hit Three States, Apr 1947

To view these disasters, go to After the page opens, click on "Browse by State" in the left side bar, then click on "Missouri". You can use the links in the right sidebar to navigate through Fires, Airplane Crashes, Floods, etc., or you can search for the specific disaster you're looking for by using the search box at the top of the left sidebar.

More Missouri Disasters:


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