Saturday, May 03, 2008


Dear MoSGA Messenger Readers,

An article was printed on April 6 in the Dallas Ft Worth Star Telegram which had information on the open date for our new Midwest Genealogy Center. Unfortunately, an earlier press release was used for the open date, and it was stated we would be in our new location on May 11. That will probably now be the first week in June with a close date at our current location of May 27-31 - however, that is still uncertain.

We are still having a reception at our new building on May 14 for NGS Conference attendees. If you have interested society members / library patrons / Conference attendees, please pass that information on to them.


Janice Schultz
Genealogy Librarian
Mid-Continent Public Library, Genealogy Branch
317 W. 24 Highway
Independence MO 64050
Phone: (816) 252-7228; Fax: (816) 254-7114

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