Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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If you go to, the graves at Boone Creek are posted. I am slowly adding pictures of the tombstones there. In fact, I have already posted more than 6,000 tombstone photos from Texas County, MO cemeteries.

Linda Mondy

Linda has in fact contributed 6,547 photos to Find-a-Grave…

On the Find-a-Grave site Linda notes:

I am compiling a book about the people of Licking, MO, and would love your contributions. I especially want pictures of the people I have listed here. I am taking pictures of all the tombstones in my area. I want to create a page for each person with pictures and biographical information. Visit my webpage to learn more about my book project. My DAR webpage is at

This young lady was found among the Boone Creek Cemetery listings:

Shirley Ann Prier Adams
Birth: Jun. 7, 1940
Death: Jul. 4, 1946
Burial: Boone Creek Cemetery
Licking, Texas County, Missouri, USA

Record added: Jan 23 2007
By: Linda

Shirley's headstone notes that she was "Our Little Lamb," and you just know that her parents dearly loved and missed her…

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