Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Missouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Probate Division
Patrick Connaghan, Commissioner - (314) 622-4304

You may obtain Probate case information by mailing or faxing a request to
(314) 622-4498.

If you have any questions or need assistance please call 622-4301.

As part of the Courts' continuing effort and commitment to increase the quality of the service provided, the Missouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Probate Division has implemented a web page. This on line service will allow you to access public forms, case information, and provide you with other helpful numbers and information.

For your convenience a number of forms are now available at:

Also, for your convenience, we've included a link to the state web site, which enables you to view case information:

Hours of operation:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Probate Division is located:
Civil Courts Building, 10th Floor
10 N. Tucker Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri 63101

Helpful Probate Numbers:
Information: 622-4301
Commissioner/Clerk: 622-4304
Cashier: 622-4305
Copy Clerk: 622-4227
File room: 622-4301
Inventory/Settlement Clerk: 622-4309
Office Manager: 622-4226

The building is ADA compliant. If you require an interpreter for court proceedings call 622-4226. There is a TDD line available through the Court Administrators Office the number is 622-3477.

Probate Division Functions:
In addition to administering decedents' estates, a probate division has general supervisory jurisdiction over the estates of minors and those adults whom the court finds to be disable or incapacitated. This, if individual cannot handle their own affairs, either because they are under age or in some way disabled, the probate division may then step in (upon proper application, hearing and determination) and appoint a conservator to look after these matters for them. In a similar manner, the probate division may appoint a guardian for the care and custody of a minor or of an incapacitated adult unable to care for himself or herself. To obtain a complete copy of the Probate Law Resource Guide you may contact our office at (314) 622-4301 or you can contact the Missouri Bar Public Information Department at (573) 635-4128 or the Missouri Bar web site:

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