Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, not now-- in 1943, actually:

Smoke Signals (Dec 2007) continues its list of men and women in the service taken from the Maryville Daily Forum:

Wayne Lininger of Quitman was stationed at Fort Fisher, NC (I’ve been there-- it’s right on the Atlantic Ocean at the tip of the Cape Fear Peninsula-- if you've got to be in the Army, not a bad deal...).

Tech. Sgt. Edwin S. Bolin was stationed with a gunnery training squadron in Las Vegas (that might seem like great duty, too-- until you remember that they didn’t have air conditioning-- or the casinos-- in those days!).

If you've got WWII vets in the family, and they lived in fairly small towns or counties, it’s likely the local newspaper ran short news items about their war service, too! We even see it happening in the St. Louis newspapers, so check out your town's paper!

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