Thursday, April 24, 2008


Just received from Evendon's Military Books Online:

We have just placed the list of Pensioners in 1813 (including their rank and pension amount) and Teddy Roosevelt's History of Naval Operations in the War 1812 on our site:

You can search all the Pre-Civil War books at once by making the corresponding selection in the Search Pull-Down Menu in the left frame near the top.

Click on HOME at the top of the left frame to display the entry links for all the sections.

We hope you find good stuff there. Everything on our site is free and permanent.


NOTE: Most listings cover the War of 1812 through WWII period.


Pre Civil War

1794 Western Pennsylvania in the Whiskey Insurrection (NEW)
1812-1839 History of Philadelphia (NEW)
1812 T Roosevelt - Naval Operations (NEW)
1813 Pensioners (NEW)
1776 New Jersey Volunteers (Loyalists) in the Revolutionary War (NEW)
1775-1848 Connecticut Military Record (NEW)
1789-1853 Officers in the US Army & Militia (NEW)
1832-1848 Illinois Volunteers (NEW)
1812 Kentucky Volunteers (NEW)
1848 US Volunteers in the Mexican War (NEW)

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