Thursday, April 10, 2008


My archivist buddy, Dennis Northcott, has been quietly and steadily producing a great series of reference books:

Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska Civil War Veterans: Compilation of the Death Rolls of the Departments of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska, Grand Army of the Republic, 1883-1948 by Dennis Northcott (2007) (ISBN-13: 978-0-9728344-2-1; ISBN-10: 0-9728344-2-7; soft cover, 658 pages).

Indiana Civil War Veterans: Transcription of the Death Rolls of the Department of Indiana, Grand Army of the Republic, 1882-1948 by Dennis Northcott (2005) (ISBN 0-9728344-1-9, soft cover, 416 pages).

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Illinois: Transcription of the Death Rolls, 1879-1947 by Dennis Northcott and Thomas Brooks (2003) (ISBN 0-9728344-0-0, soft cover, 548 pages).

Purchase info is available on Dennis’s website. If the price seems a bit steep for your budget, ask your local librarian to buy one or more titles for your local library. You’ll be doing your community a favor, and you’ll be encouraging Dennis to continue this great series!


BTW, I own the Illinois title, and I'm planning to pick up the IA-KS-NB volume soon!

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