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If you're interested in the Civil War, I have just made you a very happy camper:

Free Access to Alexander Street's Civil War Collections

As we approach the bicentennials of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, Alexander Street Press is offering free access to three of our most popular collections. Through April 30, 2008 you can explore several of our Civil War databases with no restrictions. As a bonus, we are also offering free access to two streaming music databases, which contain songs from the Civil War era.

No registration is required. Simply click on the links below to connect to the databases. When prompted to log in, use the following credentials:

username: american
password: bicentennial

Be sure to bookmark this page for future access. Once you have explored these resources, be sure to tell us what you think. You can also find out how to win a free subscription and make these collections a permanent part of your library.

The American Civil War: Letters and Diaries
(part of The American Civil War Online)

This extraordinary electronic collection includes 100,000 pages, including 4,000 pages of previously unpublished material. Written by the famous as well as the unknown, the database gives both the Northern and the Southern perspectives, along with that of foreign observers.

"The Civil War is a constant topic of interest and the combination of this interest with easy access to primary sources makes this a valuable resource for academic collections....Highly recommended." - Ed Tallent, Library Journal

The American Civil War Research Database
(part of The American Civil War Online)

The definitive online resource for researching the individuals, regiments, and battles of the American Civil War, with indexed, searchable information on 4.3 million soldiers and thousands of battles, together with 16,000 photographs. It contains all of the more than 4,600 known regimental rosters, 3,461 regimental chronicles, and 1,010 officer profiles.

Illustrated Civil War Newspapers and Magazines
(part of The American Civil War Online)

The database contains 65,000 pages drawn from 49 periodicals, including 15 campaign newspapers, most of them illustrated-3,720 issues published from 1860 to 1865. Originally printed in 16 different cities, many of the publications are now rare and hard to find, with an item sometimes extant only in a single archive.

Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries
(part of Music Online)

The database includes an extraordinary array of more than 35,000 individual tracks of music, spoken word, and natural and human-made sounds.

"If Magellan had access to Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries, he might have stayed home...a unique and impressive collection of music, not to mention a rich archive of everyday sound." - Library Journal

American Song (part of Music Online)

A history database of 50,000 songs, this new resource includes music that relates to almost every walk of American life, every ethnic group, and every time period. Listening to the music of the American experience brings an entirely new dimension to studies in history, music, literature, diversity, sociology, and related disciplines.

There are also links on our Free Resources Page to help you learn more about Music Online, The American Civil War Online, and other collections from Alexander Street Press.

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