Sunday, April 06, 2008


This post seems peculiarly relevant for genealogists, who often serve as the long-term memory of their families:

We’ve all done things we regret-- that much is certain. But have you apologized for all the wrongs you’ve ever done to others, whether your miscues were intentional or inadvertent? If not, you can now make amends, and doing so will be as nearless painless as admitting you’ve done wrong can ever be.

The Bureau of Communication web site has introduced its free Formal Apology E-mail Service, which you can now use to send apologies to those you've wronged with all the efficiency and impersonality of a much-maligned (in so many cases deservedly) elected official.

Simply check a few boxes, fill in a few blanks, and e-mail your attempt at mending fences straight off to coworkers, bosses, friends, relatives, and poorly treated spouses or significant others. Before you can say "pathetic substitute for an actual note or face-to-face I’m sorry," you'll (likely) have things patched up and good as new.

NOTE: If you've SERIOUSLY wronged somebody, of course, it's still probably all for the best if you screw up your courage and say "I'm sorry" (and possibly do some earnest-looking groveling) in the old-fashioned way...

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