Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I don't know how many of you use Facebook, but the plug-in is a very helpful (and free!) application:

A free WorldCat application for the Facebook social networking Web site is now available. The application lets Web users search the collections of WorldCat libraries and monitor favorite WorldCat lists, their own lists, or those created by other users right from personalized Facebook pages. Search results are returned from

Once installed, WorldCat library searching is easily accessed from the list of applications beneath the Facebook search box.

The application includes a Home screen with WorldCat search box, as well as quick links to WorldCat searches based on personal interests a user has input in his or her Facebook profile. The application also includes tabbed access to:

* a built-in advanced WorldCat search
* a "Something to Read" panel that displays books recently added to other users' WorldCat lists
* a panel where the user can invite other Facebook friends to install the WorldCat application

On a user's Facebook profile page, the application adds a custom Facebook "box" with basic WorldCat search. The profile's owner can expand or collapse the box's visibility, and reposition it to a preferred location by dragging its title bar.

The Facebook application represents another way OCLC uses the platform to strategically integrate information about its member libraries' collections and services within the wider Web experience. participating libraries can encourage their patrons to install the Facebook application using either of these options:

* Follow the link from the WorldCat plug-ins page at
* Log into a Facebook account and install the application directly from

Users can also search Facebook with the term "WorldCat" to reach the application home page.

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